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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry for not posting for so long! Toy Story 3 was still awesome though!

Hey all! I am really sorry to all the people who have visited my blog and the others who are the readers of my blog! I apologize as I was inactive for a pretty long time because I was very busy and couldn't spare any time for Enter Entertainment with Lasermaster! I will now try to put my blog as one of the higher priorities and will try to post often so my blog does not become stagnant!

By the way, I know I am kind of too old for Toy Story 3 but I watched it and it was awesome!!! It was loosely based around what I just said about me being too old for toys basically saying that as you grow up, life goes on and the movie is great in all points with a very heartwarming ending! Disney and Pixar did good to the movie I watched when I was just a little kid :D I really recommend this movie to you and you should absolutely watch it!
 I am going to publish a review on this soon and keep looking at this space for more updates! :D

See you all!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ever Heard of Advance Wars - A Game that Changed the Term Turn - Based RPG

 If you are a gamer that focuses more on the new generation consoles, you would not have heard about Advance Wars! If you don't play video games, you would of course not have heard of Advance Wars. But, if you are a person who focuses on experience and loves strategy games no matter the console or if you own a Gameboy, you would have probably heard about it :D

Advance Wars is a classic that had come out years ago and had touched the hearts of numerous strategy gamers! It focuses on Turn Based Strategy using modern armies with tanks, rockets, missiles, infantry and lots more!

Recently I just played the game for like the 100th time, and you know what? The game has not lost its magic. Compared to the new games, one might think that Advance Wars would not be anything special. Well, think again!

This game was chosen as the 5th or 4th best GBA game out of hundred thousands of games! As I played it yesterday, I re-experienced its genre changing gameplay with production of units and battles on 2-Dimensional Maps!

If there is a way that you can lay your hands on one of these games, I surely recommend you to do so, but if not, you can always check out its Nintendo DS counterparts with Advance Wars: Dual Strike being the second sequel to the original

and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin being a different storyline altogether!

I will be posting back soon with more information on the game so keep waiting for updates. Good luck and may you find a way to still play this game :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great Ways to Spend Time - Writing, Reading & Gaming!

I have the same experience as most of the people in the world of getting extremely bored during free recreational time! One usually wonders, what the hell they should do! Well there are millions of ways to spend time!!! Here are some of the ways to ward off boredom!

The best ones for me are writing, reading and gaming. This might sound all too simple but these are the most efficient ways to not get bored.

1) Writing - This is one of the best ways to spend time in which a person can explore their creative skills and enhance their imagination. The simplest writing method is to publish a blog (like the one I am writing on) and update it regularly to either share your experiences, personal life or other  info you want to sure! If someone wants they can just write factual things and publish it on different sites. Some sites even pay you to do this judging by the popularity of the articles! The best one according to me is Triond!

It even has a low payout, paying at 50 cents and above to a paypal account. Check out more info by clicking here! If you want to make an account, try going here.

I have written various articles just for this on Triond. Here is my profile :D
Even my 10 year old sister has written stories! Here is the first chapter of one of them.

2) Reading - Reading novels and other non-fiction books is a great way of spending time and expanding one's knowledge! Novels make a person enter a fictitious world, full of adventure and life, with its own story behind it. I personally love the Artemis Fowl Series and the Lord of the Rings series! Many people must have also heard about the hype behind the Harry Potter Series which is a good book for all audiences as casual reading.

3) Gaming - Many people do not own a console and some do not even play on their computer. Well if you are bored, you can try buying one of the high ranked games and give them a shot. Gaming is fun and gives an entirely different experience as one usually enters the shoes of another character. Here are a few games that I recommend for anyone to play as according to me they are awesome!!!!!!!

i) KOTOR - Knights of the Old Republic - By Bioware

ii) Jade Empire - Also by Bioware

iii) Star Wars Battlefront 2 - A game for Star Wars fans and also for First Person Shooter game lovers!

I hope you liked my information and good luck not getting bored :D

Magic of a Fictional Dynasty in Jade Empire

Almost every gamer knows that Bioware is company which has produced many award winning games such as Jade Empire, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect and so on! One of these record breaking games is Jade Empire.

Well actually I had originally owned the game for XBOX but then later found out that the company had released a Special Edition with more content than the original one for the computer. Too bad my PC couldn't play it but looking at my experience with the original Jade Empire, I can say that it must have been awesome! Jade Empire is based in a fictional timeline of China where our protagonist is a student of a martial arts school. The student learns the usage of weapons, magic, transformation, martial arts and way more. It depicts the quest of the student with some friends for discovering the truth about himself while completing others, in the end making a choice to either save the world or become its conquerer!

The gameplay is totally awesome, and in my experience, it is very fluid and continuous unlike games like Morrowind, making it way more fun than any other. In battles one can do various acrobatics (cool!) and also fight the enemies using various styles! Here is what it looks like!

The game also makes use of a unique conversation mode with choices using various character skills. The game as I said was recently released on PC and is available for all to try! The game is fabulous! Can't wait for Jade Empire 2!

Here is some more cool info to look at for Jade Empire before rushing off to buy it (I did that when I played it at my friend's house):

I absolutely love this game! Played it like 10 times!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Revisiting Star Wars Battlefront 2 - A Masterpiece

It is usually a gamer's goal to find critically acclaimed challenging games to beat without much effort. One of these games can be the Star Wars Battlefront Series! LucasArts has been constantly working on other Star Wars games like KOTOR that can even make people who were not originally keen on Star Wars into fans! This is an awesome first person shooter game although with a Star Wars twist. Star Wars has the marked the bench line for one of the biggest industry based on a storyline in the history of fiction with successfully creating movies, games, comics, action figures, toys, etc. Star Wars Battlefront was one of the games that started it all which was eventually followed by Star Wars Battlefront II. 

Most of the game is based on the wars that happen during the storyline of the main Star Wars Movies of the Prequel Trilogy and the Original trilogy! In the wars, the person takes command of a trooper who can be from a variety of classes such as a normal trooper, an assault trooper, an engineer, a sniper or one of two special classes. The game is extremely one and one would often recount how they decimated an entire army with one soldier.

The unique part of the game is that one can respawn after death lots of times although this depends on the reinforcements for the army. One can choose from 4 armies:

1) The Republic
2) The CIS
3) The Empire
4) The Rebels

I recommend this game to everyone as anyone can play it. Even my younger sister loves it!!!!!! Here is a better description for the gamers to check out:

It is a classic!

Monday, May 24, 2010

KOTOR takes acclaim for best game ever!

Ever heard of Star Wars? Or KOTOR? Or Jedis and Sith lords? You should have atleast heard the phrase "May the force be with you?" Star Wars is series of interconnected stories with thousands of characters in an alternate universe, many many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars first became really popular with the advent of the 3 Star Wars movies of the original trilogy.

These movies were:
1) Star Wars: A New Hope
2) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
3) Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi

After about 40 years, a new trilogy was released! This was the prequel of the original trilogy, and had movies
1) The Phantom Menace
2) The Clone Wars
3) The Revenge of the Sith

As now these movies have ended and have gotten over, the past and the future of the Star Wars Universe has increased and is continuously increasing. This is the Expanded Universe. Knights of the Old Republic is one of the games based in this time, 4000 years before the first ever Star Wars Movie. If you are a gaming freak, you gotta check my article on it! It is one of the best games ever.

Here is the article for you gaming freaks: More info on KOTOR

Check it out! It is one of the best games ever! Here is a preview screenshot :D


Hello everybody!! This is Lasermaster! Welcome to my blog which is Titled "Enter Entertainment with Lasermaster!"

This is going to be a wacky and fun filled ride with us learning about all these new things that you probably would not have heard about. As the title says, most of the information in this blog is about entertainment but here and there might be a bit more topics deviating from this.

We are gonna see some awesome games which some people might have forgotten but have etched their name in history by their awesomeness! There are some like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and many more!