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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry for not posting for so long! Toy Story 3 was still awesome though!

Hey all! I am really sorry to all the people who have visited my blog and the others who are the readers of my blog! I apologize as I was inactive for a pretty long time because I was very busy and couldn't spare any time for Enter Entertainment with Lasermaster! I will now try to put my blog as one of the higher priorities and will try to post often so my blog does not become stagnant!

By the way, I know I am kind of too old for Toy Story 3 but I watched it and it was awesome!!! It was loosely based around what I just said about me being too old for toys basically saying that as you grow up, life goes on and the movie is great in all points with a very heartwarming ending! Disney and Pixar did good to the movie I watched when I was just a little kid :D I really recommend this movie to you and you should absolutely watch it!
 I am going to publish a review on this soon and keep looking at this space for more updates! :D

See you all!


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